Tuesday, October 11, 2005

wot no glory hunters ?

You knew from the off, it was going to be a wet, cold night - as soon as I left my flat, it started spitting with rain - but the optimist that I am, I thought it would blow over. Luckily I wore my winter jacket - well I say winter jacket, I havent worn it for two years due to the warmth of Warwickshire. I buzzed John (Debbie couldnt make it due to work) and give him a lift up - armed with his sensible umbrella and sporting a massive grin.
Anyhooo, tonight was Leamington v Oldbury (remember, we lost 4-1) in the Birmingham County Senior Cup (Round 2 - we got a bye in the first round) and the away players turned up in jumper suits - looking like something out of a Beastie Boys video. We were 1-0 by half time and it looked like easing up (even then still looking on the brightside of life). The first touch in the second half went in the back of the net to make it 2-0 to the brakes - nanoseconds before hand, a bunch of kids said, "Thats a shit freekick and will never go in"

" We hate racing, we hate racing, we hate racing .... we hate racing"
We made it 3-0, then endured 15 mins of pressure - and heavy rain - and with a couple of minutes of normal time left - we were pegged back to 3-2 by some terrible defending and we started to take our mind off the game. Luckily for us, the Ref was getting soaked and blew the whistle for full time - punting us through to the next round. 273 people attended (more than NUFC v MUFC reserves - so I'm told) so a massive dive from the glory hunting "fans" from the FA Cup Qualifier at the weekend - but still brilliant. On top of that, we've applied for Supporter's Club Membership - so need to find out more about that shortly.
Does have to be said tho, although we were out in the rain (I dont mind the rain, John was stood clutching his umbrella) - hats off to the two lads at the North Bank side of the ground who sang their hearts out who got even damper than what I was.

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