Saturday, October 15, 2005

Wi-gan'ing home with no points

I ended up drinking a bottle of wine lastnight and having a chat with an old friend on MSN - and after watching DVD and TV - it was about 1am when I got to bed. I wanted to get up at a decent time, get into town, sort some stuff out - and have enough time to watch the Wigan - Newcastle down the Well, before hooking up with John for his annual birthday all day beer session around North East Leam.

I slept in, sleeping thru two alarm calls, and eventually waking up to Debbie asking if I wanted to join her on her Saturday trip to the gym. I declined and made myself a cuppa and read the news papers online - eventually getting a shower and recieving a text from Rich with Nintendogs in it - all very strange. I even told him about a strange dream I had, where he and I were in a lecture at a uni, where the tutor was playing music and asking the class to name the band and song - Rich and I won.
I met Rich down the well (well, I was about 5 mins late) and from the look he was giving me - I knew we were under pressure already. I ordered some food and sat down and we chinwagged about the state of football, the state of the high street in leam etc etc.

Just before half time, Wigan managed to score from a deflection of Shay Given - which should have been saved in my opinion - and my mood got gradually worse. The "Ref" looked like he was on the Wigan payroll by some of the decisions he was making - very very poor, again in my opinion. You just know when luck isnt on your side, when shearer clearly headed a ball over the line - only for the aging linesman to disagree.
Anyhoo, insert loads of crap decisions and 30 mins of poor passing and the final result (1-0) took Wigan to 2nd in the league - only for Ben (bar dude) to gloat alot in my face. Ended up coming home to get dressed for this afternoon and awaiting a call from John etc to where to meet them.
Hope my mood improves - football misery is taking over, slowly

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