Saturday, October 29, 2005

Stefan Warburton - The ANTI-CHAV

After digging around t'inter super highway for random things (NUFC results and Fancy Dress Related stuff) I came across the following website. It beat me to an article I was going to personally write, mainly due to being sick of the number of chavs kicking around town, forgetting any kind of respect that I, a northerner, was told to give my elders and the other towns people.

I give you which allows people to register and moan, add comments about the state of their town, city or hamlet and the invasion of chavs. One article that I really liked about Leamington Spa is here. What isnt mentioned, is the chav club that now stands outside my front door, finding it amusing to press the intercom buzzer on a sunday evening, only to laugh at me when I open the door and tell them to twat off. Nor does it document the conversation that I heard just after, about one of the chavs wanting to "spark" his so called chav bro-inlaw because "he did the night before". Needless to say, the group of chav twats, had their own chav princess who looked doped up and probably 30 seconds from being impregnated.

It also doenst go into the details of me passing a group of chavs at 10:45 last saturday morning on the way up to Leeds - when they were drinking "White lightening" and "raaring me" from across the street.

As a nation, and Blunty's original suggestion, we should gas the little fuckers. Who really owns the streets ? The Police ? or Chav twats. Come on Blair - introduce a Chav Task Force and get these idiots off the street - and put the Great and into Britain like you said you were gonna do. Lets face it, this is not a fad, this is here to stay, and, if nothing is done about it - a full generation of workless goons. Jeez, I sound really old now!

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