Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Magic of the Cup Roadshow

An early start to the day, as a trip to West Yorkshire was the plan to watch Leam FC play Ossett Town in the 4th Qualifier Round to the FA Cup. Alot was to play for - a passage into the 1st round of the FA Cup proper - and I'd originally invited Bluntarian and Headworth for a trip to taste the delights - however both shyed off.
Anyhooo, the plan was to set off around 10am - and get up early - however, due to a bottle of wine lastnight, my eyes were wtill gel'd together and ended up leaving around 10:40 - getting petrol on the way. I had to take my own car, as John and Debbie were visiting John's parents down in Wales - so had a number of options on the cards - sadly, with the Newcastle v Sunderland game on live tv tomorrow - I came back. John and Debbie must had have about 25 mins head start, so wanted to catch up with the - and by the M1/M69 junction, I caught up with the first car with a Brakes scarf in the back window. Just after Nottingham, I managed to catch up with the cheeky pair and we took it in turns to lead.
We got there about 2 hours after me setting off from my gaff - which isnt too bad - and with Leeds being 10 mile north - reckon I can get to Leeds in about 2 hours 30 tops now. Anyhooo, first thing we done in Ossett Town was find a pub that sold food, and had toilets - which we did - and it was very nice. We timed it so well, that just as we sat down, there was 100s of Brakes fans piling in - and once we had our food - we wandered around the quaint little town and then headed to the ground. It was a strange place, with an even stranger triagle shaped practice pitch behind it - the grass was long - and the pitch quality was poor. We moved around a bit, and some guy offered to buy my programme for 5 quid (paid £1.50) - but we settled on 2 quid - because I'm so nice. Kick off came and went, and to be fair Ossett dominated the first 10 mins - over powering the Brakes, out running - then all of a sudden Ossett just slowed down.
The one thing that Ossett now has in common with the silver screen - Green Street - I know football is about opinions - however, I had the misfortune to stand about 10 metres away from Burberry wearing twats, trying to cause fights and problems within the first half. Of course, the sucker punch, Ossett scored from a corner in the 10th minute (John had 11 mins on the Guess the Goal Compo) to which the Burberry wearing twats starting to mouth off a little. We managed to pull one back (as well as having a goal chalked off for some strange reasoning) and the twats starting to get more and more mouthier. By half time, we were 2-1 up and thankfully, justice had finally shone upon the ground - as the foul mouth chavs were escorted from the ground. We had certainly taken control from the 10 min onwards and it was a fantastic game to watch - as the passion from the fans certainly kicked in.
After half time, we once again dominated and should have scored more goals, but we got pegged back to 3-2 and a man sent off - with "1 minute of injury time" left to play, last lasted at least 4, we were all on the edges of the concrete slabs and panicing that they could pull back to 3-3 - taking us back to the New Windmill. The final whistle eventually was blown, and if by magic, it started to rain - I'd like to call them god's tears of joy.
The FA Cup 1st round proper was ours - and was also bring drawn about 17:10 - thanks to Rich who text'd me the oposition - Colchester - away! Matches being played the weekend of 4/5/6th November
Att: 900

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