Saturday, October 08, 2005

Worship the sugar coated god!

The weekend - at least - and thank the lord for it. I'm ready for the weekend in so many different ways - the sleep in, the football, the shopping, and most importantly, happy friday. My wrist still knacks from football on thursday lunch time, so its making typing a little harder, so what better way than to celebrate happy friday, then to go to the chinese. We went to the chinese on park street - it used to be home to my fav restaurant in leamington - the italian - however now been sold and reopened up as a chinese. Its the first time i've been there, so I was looking forward to it - its also been a while since I've had a chinese in town, so it was a nice change. For some reason, Brian Blessed came up in conversation, so we decided to order our food, in the style of Brian Blessed, in his character form from Flash Gordon
Ahhh Flash, Fried Rice for me please

With John's starter - there came a little sugary coated character - which I then pronounced the Sugar Coated God. Debbie licked it, and turned mad, while we ate our food and drank beer. Food was very nice, and reasonably priced too - would deffo go again - only to see the Sugar Coated God - mmm praise him!
We ended up in the Jug (passing the lovely ooffy on the way down - purrr), and we were joined by Mr Ian, to make it a group of four - Rich was going to come down, but was at home tucking into a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio and keeping warm more than likely. After the 3rd bottle of wine, people being man handled while being chucked out the Jug for ;
  • drinking their own booze
  • being far too boozed up
  • being barred and still drinking in ther jug
I was feeling a little worse for wear, so was pretty pleased when they called last orders, however they decided to tell jokes on the mic - some of which a) didnt make sense, b) didnt make me laugh or c) didnt form a joke. I mumbled and talked about the sugar coated god again, then we headed home, thankfully.
I must have recieved a text to which I replied to one, then attempted to reply to the 2nd text - but due to my state - fell asleep with the phone on my bed - nice.
Anyhoooo, a nice wake up call from Scott and his missus, handing me a present - maple syrup from Canada - my own Sugar Coated God - mmmm. The offer is now out for a sexy lass to be covered in it, failing that, by the end of month, I'll bath in it myself - mmm

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