Sunday, October 16, 2005

John's superdooperfantasticalldaybeersesssion #2

To celebrate John's birthday, he arranged a chinese buffet meal, followed by an all day session around NE leamington. Not only had I sat through a dismal game and watching the "mightly" wigan and their 12th and 13th men (Ref and Lines man) triumph against the lowly minnows of Newcastle United, but also had to battle around town to get a) home and b) back into town. Rich and I eventually arranged to meet up with John and his now fed gang in a pub, while I sorted my sham out and Rich fed himself - and in between, arranged to meet none other than Captain Bluntarian.
So there we were, heading into an area of town, which if you're honest, you dont very often - sadly - its a nice area - and my fav pub from last year, the (Jimmy) Sommerville where the bulk of the Team were playing pass the pigs. Two pints heavier, we moved onto the Holly Bush, then the Cask at which point Rich made his excuses and left. All the way way back in the Sommerville, Captain Bluntarian was suggesting a curry, as he was starving, only eating a babybell since he got back from Canada - and it was a quest getting closer to his goal heading slowly down town. We popped into the Newbold Brasserie for a final drink, then into Milleniyummy for our meal - which was very very nice.
The group was getting smaller and smaller by the second - MC and Laura ended up going home to try on some oils or something - Garry reckson they were lezzing up, then by the time we got to the Jug, it was down to John, Debbie, Captain Bluntarian, Gav, Tracy and I. At this point, drink had deffo kicked in and the "Brian Blessed says ..." game kicked in. Photos were taken of the event, including two girls necking off with each other (Debbie, you still have to send me as promised) and "xyz looking angry and evil" photos. Last orders were ran, and we got into trouble for calling last orders as Brian Blessed would have ("Ahhh, Flash, Time gentlemen PLEEEASE") and ended up on the street. John and Debbie wandered in the direction of home - and being 00:30 - Myself and Blunty tried to get into the Well, only to be told by the bouncer that we were already an hour late and they couldnt let us in, although they did know that we were regulars and have seen us around before.
After 5 mins and being persistant like a pitbull and a small child's leg, they suggested that the Police were watching them because of some incident and would love to let me in, however they couldnt let me in the front door. I suggested that maybe the backdoor was left open and we could accidently fall in. Blunty just laughed and said that this had now chance of working out - and the chances are, they would all be laughing at us, from the other side of a locked door - and us looking like fools. True to the mans word - we got around and with a grin on his face, the door was opened quickly and blunty being so impressed - 12 drinks would be coming my way.
The lovely ooffyy was there - purrr, and we had a chin wag and apparently I smell nice - which is a nice change to being told that im a "skanky crackwhore and I should get out the pub". She is deffo in my top 20 females I'd bite my own arm off to be with *starts nibbling*
I'm assuming we left when beverages ceased to flow - only based on the fact that I woke up in my bed this morning with a beating head and felt like a badger had slept in my mouth overnight. Oh well, Happy Birthday John!

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