Sunday, October 09, 2005

Back to Basics : An event for one and all.

Stefan Warburton is happy to announce the following event - Back to Basics 2005. The event is aimed any male and females, young and old - and its trying to get everyone back to basics and back to nature. I now bring you, official commando day of the year 2005, that not only gives you have the opportunity to reduce the washing for a day or so, but also gives you the opportunity to walk around with a smile on your face.
Thanks to Captain Cowie, the following official graphics have been designed so you can show your support to Back to Basics 2005 - the idea is, you add this to your MSN / Yahoo / websites / blogs. You can use the comment field on this blog to leave your url, name and address to show your support. An email address has been setup if you require assistance or pledge your support to the event - once we get comments of support and encouragement, I'll post a selected number on the website.
Be one with nature again ...

Back to basics - for boys
Back to basics for girls

The official date for Back to Basics 2005 is from :

Friday 21st October -> 23rd October

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