Saturday, October 01, 2005

It had to happen in the end!

John and Debbie invited me over to Coalville to watch the away game of Leamington's continued up and down league season. I really wasnt sure if I was going to make it, esp after we had a healthy happy friday.

I eventually woke up around 11:30 from a good night sleep, mainly down to 2 shared bottles of wine and alot of exercise, and decided, what the hell. So, anyhoo, we ended up on the way up to Coalville via the M1 - driving through the old mining village, which looks like its grown over the years, but still has the mining look to the shops and houses. All very interesting I'm very sure, however it did look a little depressing as the streets were surrounded by chavs, teenagers with kids in pushchairs etc

We parked on an estate around the corner from the Coalville ground and it was already getting pretty nippy. Some associates of John reckon that as soon as it hits the cooler end of the year, we wouldnt attend the matches, this is the telling time - but armed with scarf - and this week - boxer shorts we paid out 5 quid ( FIVE QUID!!!) to get in and I went directly to the food stand to get a burger and tea - as I hadnt eaten all day and needed defrosting.

We sat in the covered seating area - and it was out the wind, however shaded by the sun, so chillier. We conceded a goal from a freekick, and you just get the feeling that the midweek FA Cup replay going into extra time and pen's had a jaded effect on the players. Coalville definately took the heavy handed approach to the game, one of their midfielders getting a yellow card by "taking" out our right winger within 5 mins. There is something very scary when you hear the clash of leather on leather (no kinky thoughts) and studs on studs (no kinky thoughts) - always makes me wince.

John getting rather passionate and excited at the 1st shot on target
This continued til around 15 mins left in the 2nd half, when subs were made - and players were playing in their correct positions (from left back to striker - surely that has an effect on someones ability to run with the ball) and we started to pass more than one pass together - having about 3 or 4 shots on target.
All in all, a very disappointing game, as the final whistle blew, the rain started to come down - pretty much sums the game up really - dark, dank, misey.
Final Score Coalville 1 - Leam FC 0
Just a nice 60 min drive back home now - hohum

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