Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Director Warburton!

We had our house meeting lastnight - and technically, the first one i've either attended, or attended in full due to random obligations. Anyhoo, rather than having it in someones flat like its traditionally been done before, I suggested we do it down the boozer. This gave the opportunity to have a) a meeting and b) be near flowing alcohol and c) there was live music on in the jug and jester. I popped in on the way down to pick up John (debbie was going to meet us later on) and we got ourselves a pint in, only to be interupted by the comedy duo of Rich and Aido.
We had our funky meeting, we chinwagged and got to know our neighbours - made minute meetings and continued the flow of guiness on an empty stomach - then it went a little mad and myself and debbie laughed about the club Mirage and meeting Adrian (didnt turn up) for the first time - much to the bemusement of the rest of them.
Anyhoo, we went down to the bottom bar, had ribbons tied around our arms to prove that we paid 2 quid entry and listened to fantastic music - the first dude was some pianist/singer, then there was lots of funny singing about dont drink cider, then someones birthday band - to be honest, I lost interest after my 4th pint of guiness and reminded myself of injustices of the world
The End...

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