Saturday, October 08, 2005

Magic Of the Cup : Attracts Glory Hunters :- SHOCK

The long awaiting 3rd qualifier round of the FA cup took place today. Leam FC were at home to Woodford United. Now, we've started going to home games (and away) this season, we've attended the FA Cup since the first round, and its fair to say, the crowds have got a little larger - the last round attracted roughly 500 people - however todays crowd doubled that, plus a little bit more. Needless to say, if the weather was a little better (ie, not pissing it down, raining cats and dogs & rain rain, go away, come back another day) and there wasnt an England International - the figures could have been even bigger. Anyhoo, we turned up just after 2 and the carpark was starting to fill up - obviously the regulars had the same idea - get in before the glory hunters turn up.

The Magic of the FA sand Cup
We went to the club shop (Shed) where they must have had the knitting machine on overtime - as there was actually club stuff you could buy - scarfs, football tops, etc etc. Myself, John and Debbie purchased a scarf each to keep the wind from our faces, the water from dripping into our tops and of course - to support the team we dearly love. BBC Coventry & Warwickshire have also obviously started on the "Leam doing well in the FA Cup" bandwagon, by sending a van over with a couple of reporters - and the local police shamming around by taking away the chairman's job of directing traffic out of the ground after the game - apart from that, all they done was watch the game, tap up two local babes and drink tea.
The game it self started off pretty quietly and even stevens for the first 10 mins, with Leam getting in early with an attempt, then a goal chalked off at the other end for a foul on our keeper. We ended up scoring, from a free kick, just as news that england had scored a pen - one of their players got sent off and they continued to push for an equaliser. Towards full time, you could see the glory hunters just leaving, only to miss a brilliant bit of play, a through ball leaving us one on one with the keeper - making it a final score of:-
Leamington 2 - Woodford United 0

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