Tuesday, October 18, 2005

First Cup of the Season

Another cold, wet, misry of a tuesday night - and it must mean that the Brakes are playing at home, and myself and John are popping up to watch them. A nice change to have a "friendly" game between Cov Sphinx - which allows us to keep one eye on the FA Cup Game at the weekend, but also have a good run around, without risking key players and cup/league position.
Around 200 spectators turned up to watch the match, which was end to end stuff, and very entertaining. It did look like it was going to be a cricket score but in the end, final score was 5-1 to the Brakes - winning "The Tony Allden Memorial Trophy" who apparently got killed in a lightening storm many years ago.
On the plus side - we've now sorted out our supports club membership - and now fully paid up. YAY!

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