Friday, October 14, 2005

Loosing something, and its not my marbles

I took an old friend out lastnight for a drink and a meal. Appears it was her birthday last week and she just returned from her holiday - she was due to have a session lastnight - but due to a number of people cancelling, I felt bad and asked her out to be sociable. There was nothing in it - whatsoever - and after being reminded on how great her Irish bf is - I knew this would be completely plutonic from now on - even telling her to behave herself at the up and coming Xmas Party at work.

Anyhoo, she managed to cheer me up by saying that I've lost weight - crazy how some simple things and words can mean alot to someone. I've never been confident about myself that much, and always paranoid what people think and say to me - some of which I just laugh and shrug off - but was nice to get a compliment such as that.

Anyhooo, after a quick pint in the Jug, then a Pizza and bottle of wine and Piccolino's - we returned to the Jug for a quick chat, and she was off to see her bf - so I returned home - had a bottle of old speckled hen - and ended up in a coma.

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