Thursday, October 06, 2005

Early Alarm Clock and Two Goals

Today was an early start, text messages from people at none o'clock, but also started proactively - ending up in sommerfield before 9am to purchase stuff like milk, cerial, and of course chocolate. I've been pretty good food wise this week, apart from when myself and Rich ended up down the boozer for a swift one on Tuesday - yet, it was still diet coke for me, and he had Smirnoff Ice. I got to the situation where I needed something sugary, so ended up getting some malteser style chocolate - but mint chocolate balls - mmmm..

I ended up popping over to Warwick for around 12:30 to play football with the rest of the usual group - so warmed up, went in goal while others took pens - I only let 2 in - however only 4 balls went near me and/or the goal.

We kicked off with one person extra in our team, which made it a little easier - well in theory, until they decided to reduce the size of the pitch to half width of 5 aside which made it narrow and passes needed to be exact - something my skill doesnt allow. I'm a more of a 'see space on target - the blast the damn thing and hope the keeper cant get to it' After my first touch of the ball, I was chasing down a ball about to go out, but got blocked by the opposition, so ended up shoulder barging him - in reply I got a barrage of abuse (to which he said sorry to later on) - but there was true anger management needed by him at that point.

EAT MY GOAL!!! - Collapsed Lung
Our team couldnt gel correctly, mainly due to the showboating of a certain welsh student who was more mouthy than Mr Mouth from Mouthville in Mouthcity. The net (no pun intended) result was us falling behind. With about 30 mins left, we were 4-1 down, but then a bit of luck, managed to get on a throughball, hit the ball which came off the keeper, rebounded back into my path, ready to be tapped into the net. We came back strongly, getting a couple more, taking my personal tally to two - although we started to conceed due to the counter. Anyhow, on the "last goal is worth 10 goals" rule - we managed to win and I'm starting to feel stamina in my legs a little more and running around more - just need to work out how to play football and pass now - DAMN IT.

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