Friday, December 09, 2005

Steve kisses girls!

Yesterday was a bit of a strange day, for a number of different reasons - mainly in a good way. Some of the details are still a little sketchy, but hey, thats what blogs are for.

Rich and most of his colleagues had an afternoon down the boozer for a bit of an xmas beer session, due to my lunch time football commitment (and technically that was free too) I couldnt attend, and by the time I got back home, I had tonnes of work to do.

Myself, Debbie and John headed up towards the New Windmill Ground to purchase tickets for the boxing day derby game against Racing Club Warwick. Once we got back, I had a call from Rich saying that a number of people were heading towards the Star and Garter and asking if I wanted to meet them there. So, cold and foggy though it was, I agreed and set off up for a 20 minute walk in the cold, got there and found them all half cut and talking rubbish. Numbers started to break off, and at the end, was left up to me and Blunty to keep the drinking up - and we ended up walking to a curry house at 1am after getting chucked out of the Star.

After a further drink while waiting for our take away meal, we parted our seperate ways and I headed down the parade, bumping into Sir Andy of the Well - so we had a chinwag and laugh while he was about to lock the front door. An attractive lass walked up to us both and asked if the pub was still open for beer, to which, Andy asked if she knew me - part flirting, part halfcut, I grinned and said yes, to which Andy invited us in for a free beverage. We got talking, shared my chicken curry with her when "Shit, is that chicken ? oh, I'm a veggie, nevermind" - turns out she lives down the road from me, so offered to walk her back - well, it was cold, dark, and very very foggy.

By the time we got to Millenium/TJs, we ended up snogging and it was very nice too. We continued to talk, hold hands and walk towards Somerfield, when we bumped into her two house mates, where they invited me back to their place for a cup of tea. Ended up snogging a little more, chatting and ended up going home due to it being 3.30am.

Nice lass, wonder if she calls, certainly be interesting (and interested) - however for the time being - still the single life. Fantastic night too.

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