Saturday, December 24, 2005

Best Christmas Eve - Ever!

Mainly due to the fact that I didnt get to see Philippa lastnight, the fact I'm leaving Newcastle first thing Monday and in between, theres a small thing called Christmas - I decided to treat Pip out for the day. Its been a while since I've seen her, and I do like spending time with her - even tho she is completely nuts. After her lastnight's bit of bad news with work - she decided to stay in town with her work mates and get hammered, so by the time I got to her flat - she could only mutter one word - "MacDonalds". After running an courier service for my mother, we ended up down the Metro Centre's drive thru - and driving away with about 20 quids worth of fast food - and heading to Tynemouth.

I like going to the coast when I'm up in Newcastle, and I think if / when I do move back up North, I'll move to Tynemouth or somewhere close. Just feels nice, cold, but nice - and you feel like you have the wind in your hair - well, to be honest, it was in my hair - and chilled my face off. The one thing about Tynemouth is, I've never been to their Sealife Centre type Aquarium - so decided to take Philippa there.

Philippa - excited

We got there and had a quick look around the information centre - and it was hard to see who was the "nearly 31" out of us - and who was the child like person. Oh yeah, we've both 31 in Feb - bugger. We paid our money - well, technically, although I was treating Philippa, she ended up paying - with a shifty right eye on the centre shop - full of tat - yes, thats correct - Pippa has a tat fetish.

Fish May Bite - That includes household Goldfish!

Interesting how the above sign was all over the gaff when you have the harmless goldfish and sea life fish/animals - yet, when it came to the Piranha tanks - no sign what so ever. Anyhoo, we wandered around, looked and read up on the tropical fish, saw the cute otter that could rip your voice box out in seconds and then the scary evil deadly frogs

Toon Fish!

We walked around the corner, and found a massive tank full of different creatures - including sting rays (STIIIING RAAY - Doodledoodledoo) and then fancy looking sharks - took some photos - faffed around and laughed at random looking ugly fish.

A Shark - looking hungry, yesterday, pictured centre

After about 45 mins faffing around looking at fish - Philippa decided to look at the world of tat - buying some dodgy keyring with her name on. Reckon, given 20 mins, she could have bought the whole shop with bags of crap going to her flat.

We drove around Tynemouth a little more and after her refusing to get out of the car because "it was to cold and you can just go f**k off if you think I'm walking on the beach" - I got out of the car on my own and went to take some photos - some of which will be on Flikr.

To improve my Christmas Eve mood - Pippa decided to ask if we could pop into a supermarket to get some essentials - like milk, bread, 5 bottles of wine! I ended up coming out with a griddle pan, and 10 quids worth of random frozen products for tea and some old speckled hen - mmm. Anyhooo, dropped Pippa back at her flat and headed back to my mothers to eat the frozen food I purchased, and drink the booze, that I had purchased, sat down in the chair, and didnt move

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