Friday, December 09, 2005

Goldfish Bowl : Official!

I'd arranged to meet Debbie down the gym to do a bit of swimming and see if I can trim up and technically speaking, squeeze into my fancy dress costume trousers. On the way, I went past Headmasters, the hairdressing gaff down the road from me - when I noticed a familiar face sitting down through the window. I pondered outside and tried to rack my brains on who it was - after about 2 mins of walking past looking semi scarily, it twigged - it was one of Sarah's (girl from lastnight) flatmates. I popped in, instantly he remembered me, shook my hand and said that Sarah had spoken about me loads after I'd left - all good you reckon. I asked if he would pass my number on to her, then if she was interested, she could call/text etc etc - he said he would, but was going away with his girlfriend for the weekend.

I made my excuses and went away on my business, and met Debbie in the pool only to find the sauna and jacuzzi closed - so we faffed around in the pool as well as swimming and in no time what so ever, we'd managed 100 lengths - well, Debbie did, I completed around 70.

We headed back to our flats, arranged to meet them around theirs around 7 - to have cocktails that John had promised - was almost like rocket fuel, just a little bit more sour this time - but was still nice. Anyhooooooo, we pottered down to Millenium Curry House, only to bump into the Lovely Sarah's other housemate - so I chinwagged and left him to it - and we had a lush meal.

We ended up the Jug and Jester (Yes, I know ... Shock Horror!) for a bottle of wine, then PFH turned up, and popped around to the Town House for a swift one, before heading back to the Jug where it was a little more quiet this time. After we got thrown out, Debbie appeared to be extremely drunk, suggesting she could walk in a straight line - yet, in reality she was all over the place and ended up two steps to the left, from where she started off.

Nightmare from that point onwards, my front door managed to freeze over, so had to get into John and Debbie's place, then in spiderman style, slowly and easily navigate into my patio. Classy eh?

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