Saturday, December 17, 2005

Happy Festive Friday!

After suffering all day with a hangover, the last thing I really needed was some kind of heavy happy friday, so we ended up going to picollinos for a pizza and a pint of peroni. Well, I only managed 3/4's of the pint, am I actually getting old and unable to take my beer. It was suggested that we could go for a bottle of wine at the jug, however, John and Debbie have been following space cadets pretty closely, so arranged to have some drinks at theirs. As we had to get up early to a) pack for newcastle b) clean my flat as it was a tip and c) get to Rocester to watch the match, it was supposed to be a sensible night in.

I purchased Buckaroo the day before, I think, so we set that up and had a couple of goes with that, John loosing both, then settled down with a bottle of wine, a smile and a glass. I havent watched much of Space Cadets, but did have a chuckle at the end when the revealed that it was all a setup.

We continued watching TV, with QI (first time i've seen that) and then later on, Jimmy Carr live - then wine ended, luckily john had some whisky - to which I nearly slipped into a coma, but managed to crawl back and tuck myself into the covers.

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