Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Damn Sister!

You know what its like when you're young. You spend most of your time wishing something to come true, a new toy, a present, your fav friend coming to tea - well this week, I've been completely on edge, waiting (and hoping) for the lovely Sarah to send me a text. Its been 5 days now, so, either its a case she still doesnt have my number, she's playing it ultracool or finally and most probably - she's not interested.

Like I say, I've been on the edge of my seat most of the week, expecting that infamous nokia *BEEP BEEP*. The yesterday afternoon .... *BEEP BEEP* so I rushed to the phone - only to recieve a text message from my sister with a photo of a dog - after 2 mins of swearing and cursing, I calmed down and drank my tea. Today, I was in the office and ... *BEEP BEEP* again, rushing through my bag, another photo from my sister - with a photo of a dog and the words "Hello Uncle Steve, I'm your new Niece".

A dog, today.

My sister is a bit special (abit like me when I'm special and getting into nightclubs for free), and I love her to bits - but starting to get annoyed at her - as its distracting me from the game in hand. I can only assume that in her moments of boredom, she's now gone out and purchased a second dog to take a disliking to me and wants more dogs to growl at me - and make my eyes water! So inconsiderate!

So, to the game.... what do you do ? do you leave it ? do you pop around and say hi again? do you pop an xmas card through the post through the door? do you just hope you bump into her in town ? I've never really been that good with reading the opposite sex on a good day, nevermind when there are so many delta's involved - damn it! why cant things be simple for once!?!

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