Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day's Boxing Game

An early start today - 6am, all in the name of football, and with a small possibility of seeing Sarah, if she calls. Today is Boxing Day, its also the first local derby between Leamington FC and Racing Club Warwick for eons - local pride and bragging rights were are stake, so personally for me, I had to be there.

As I mentioned, 6am was an early start, with the plan of leaving my mum's at 6.30am to get down in time to grab a shower, get changed and pack things away and make the place look tidy. That was the plan anyhow, after a cup of tea, a chat with my mum and washed, shaved and teeth brushed the time was heading towards 6.45. After packing the car with a number of things, and still half a sleep, my mum announces that I should take my Teddy Bears down with me - based on the asumption my mum's had them stored away for 10 years, and a couple more months wouldnt do. Rather than getting private jabs from Rich, Nomes and Andy, I thought I would take a photo and post them up - so then everyone can take the piss, in a mission to dilute the piss take. So, I give you Camel, and Big Ted, the latter being my fav bear, and the former itching me like anything - and still does.

Camel - Itchy little thing!

Big Ted - My fav - not looking a lil dirty!

Anyhoo, back to the story - heading back south, and managed to get back home around 10am which isnt to bad, mainly because the roads were quiet and not many police around. After melting in the shower, John and Debbie arrived from Wales - and we had a quick drive over to Racing Club Warwick's ground. I have to say, I've been to some bad substandard grounds in my time - however this was shocking - it looked like someone's back garden and thought at one point there were actually ramblers rather than footballing fans.

Racing Club Warwick's Ground * Warning - Might not actually be the ground

1280 more or less fitted into the ground, and it was dirty from the off - Racing Club Warwick deciding that boxing on Boxing Day would be apt, however we managed to fill our midfield full and pick up on the counter. The patience payed off when in the second half, Howell ran down the right wing and crossed for Richard Adams to volley into the net - fantastic goal, well taken and just the Christmas present the Brakes needed. Full time was Racing Club Warwick 0 - Leamington FC 1 - full match report can be found here. This give me the opportunity to poke fun at the 8 year old kid stood next to us who was a Warwick fan, who basically didnt stop going on about the Brake's 9-1 defeat against Colchester - until Debbie told me off!

A quick drive back, changed and the three of us went down to the Well for pub meal, beer and Newcastle v Liverpool - which ended up in Liverpool scoring 2 and us none - and giving us a lesson in football, and turning my day into misery.

Nice to have my own space back, nice to have a shower and central heating too.

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