Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Catching up

Its been nice up in the North East, although been busy and completely zapping, I've managed to catch up with a couple of friends and most of the immediate family. I popped over to see my sister on Monday night, just before she went out into Newcastle for a session with her shift. She'd invited me out, mainly because one of her mates is single and looking - and apparently interested - but because I had to continue my visiting, politely declined.
I popped over to see EEN and Sarah, and of course, cute little Jess - who were all full of cold - and ironically, me being the fittest and healthiest one there. Sarah has just been told that they're expecting their next child in June time - so its all very exciting - and once little Jess got used to me again, she couldnt stop giving me her photo with Father Xmas and herself - all very exciting, I'm sure. Planned to go out for a couple of quiet ones with Een later on in the week, maybe meeting up with Pippa on Friday and Xmas Eve.
Yesterday lunch time, I met up with Gillian (my sister) and my Dad up in Winlaton at the Rose and Crown and bought them lunch - only seemed fair after buying my mum Sunday Lunch at the weekend in Newcastle. Had a chin wag, myself and Gillian were up to our old tricks or having childish place fights - even making me bleed when I punched her wedding ring! thanks!

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