Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Party Panic!

People who know me ... know that I tend to leave things til the last minute ... it might be buying things (like xmas presents) or making decisions (like going to football games, or watching harry potter) - but I've hit a small issue.

Next Thursday is work's xmas party, fine you may say to yourself (no, say it), however this is a fancy dress party. I've tried to kill two birds with one stone - as John and Debbie are having a new year fancy dress party too, so trying to get one outfit that fills both scenarios - and I know what I want.

The theme to the parties are, Work = Nationalities, and J&Ds = Uniforms, and so far I've managed to get a funky hat - that will remain anonymous apart from a select few viewings, and a belt. I know where to get the bits remaining, however, sadly, not my size, so may have to do some proactive changes. I'm popping over tomorrow afternoon to see if the dude has any new gear in, failing that, I'm going to have to go in tight clothes - and with my body frame - thats never a good thing. Rich, annoyingly, has sorted all but one item out for his, where as captain bluntarian is going to leave it til thursday morning and turn up as the pink panther again. On the plus side, I'm not on the xmas table with mates and some foxy students - purr!

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