Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ice Stops Play!

A busy, tight scheduled day ahead. I have to admit, with my mum moving jobs, and with it, homes, I dont know where she lives. The only thing I had to go on was a postcode - and technically, I could have asked for directions - but thats the easy way out. Mr Palin purchased a fancy Tomtom satnav device the other day and give me an idea. I decided to do the same, and purchased a slightly lower model (going for the 500, instead of the 700). Rich tipped me off that Argos had them on the cheap, so after some web research and finding out that Argos had this saving of 100 quid, I decided to plump for it, and shove it on my credit card.

I had about 30 mins to work out how to use it, get the flat tidy and pack the car as the Brakes were playing in Rorster. I actually managed it, meeting John and Debbie out on the street and prompted left Leam. We got on the road, going through Kenilworth, however this TomTom 500 couldnt find a GPS signal - great, spent a fortune on something that doesnt even work. It got to the situation where i was about to throw it out the window when we got to the M6 Toll booth, opened the window to pay and "IN 300 YARDS - TAKE THE 2ND EXIT ON THE ROUNDABOUT". The women at the toll booth give me a funny look, and I give her one too, thinking she was taking the piss. I preprogrammed the device before we left - and it was actually working pretty well, even with a scouse style "ROUND-ABOUT" comedy accent - sounded something like Thomas the Tank Engine. We got into the town, and I have to say, I would fancy living there - looked like a nice town to live in, although was surrounded by a high percentage of chavs. We reached the ground and there was 5 mins before kick off, however still alot of people knocking around - including people getting on and off the team bus.

One of the supporters club guys came up to Debbie's and my car telling us that the game had been cancelled at 2pm - nice. So, not only have I ran around like a headless chicken, I've driven god knows how far, but the game got cancelled without anyone knowing it. John, Debbie and I headed to a local pub to releave ourselves and had a quick drink, before we split - them heading home, and I heaving towards Newcastle via crosscountry towards the M1.

The TomTom device worked well, I even changed the display so you could see the road that you're driving along and it was suprisingly accurate. I headed to the last major roundabout towards my mum's when my phone went - assuming it was my mum, I shouted that I was driving still and would give them a bell back. The TomTom device guided me to my mum's postcode - it was 30 metres out - which isnt to bad going, considering I've never been here before.

After getting myself settled, and 3 cups of tea and chatted to my mum - I apologised to my mum for not being able to pick the phone up while I was driving. She said she didnt know anything about it and never called me - so checked my phone - a Leamington Number - which was a bit strange. I assumed that it was John and Debbie who checked my flat and I'd forgot some presents behind or I've shamed around slightly. So I called the number, and some bloke answered the phone - I said hello a couple of times and got "Ah, is that Steve?" - you know what its like when you dont know someones voice so said yes. "Ah, I'll get Sarah, she called you earlier but thought you'd given her the wrong number". YES!!! So I chatted a little bit, told her that I was going to be back in Leam on boxing day morning, and if she was still around (she's off to China), I'd take her out for a drink or do something interesting.

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