Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

If anyone knows about how my family is setup - then they will understand how stressful Christmas day is. I dont mean that in a bad way, just one thing that you really dont need - its all based around precision timing - ie, My Dad pops out to the local working man's club and doesnt return til he knows the Christmas dinner is on the table, my sister was around at the inlaws this year to confuse things that little bit more.

Anyhoo, after nursing a bit of a hangover, I rose from the spare bedroom, wished my mother a merry Christmas, and got a cup of tea in exchange - brilliant! I then got a text from my sister saying, "Can you bring milk over" - this is the 2nd year that she's done that, so just going to get her a 2 pint bottle of red top of next year - done and dusted. As mentioned, my Dad was out on a mission at 11am on the dot, meaning I had to get over to Winlaton, see my sister, and pop up to my Dad's and give him the presents. I'd asked for the Starwars Ep III from my dad, mainly because it finished my collection off nicely - so, was suprised when I recieved some smellies from boots and some boots vouchers - nevermind eh ?

I dropped him off in the village, and headed back to my sisters, where my mum was waiting, talking to the dog and probably annoying the bro-in-law. Managed to get a nice shirt from my sister and a George Formby Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine. Turned out nice again! I only got the Junior sized one because my sister said, "You cant get a girl friend - so you're cooking for one!", then Phil suggested, "... and it was cheaper that the full size one".

Anyhooo, after drinking 2 gallons of tea and outstaying our welcome - we returned to my mothers gaff, had yet more tea and opened presents and started the Christmas Dinner. The Dinner was fantastic, I have to say, my mum makes a lovely Xmas Dinner - then I grew to 3 times the size of her flat and burst. I managed to get one of them Chocolate Fondu sets from my mum - and everything that you more or less need to have a Chocolate Fondu night in. I reckon my mother thinks I'm going to be entertaining over the night couple of months - so trying to educate me in the ways of the posh.

My mum has an uncanny knack of having an opinion on everything - for example;

You havent seen Bend it like Beckham ? Dont Worry, it's Crap
The JCB Song is pretty good isnt it That song is crap,
dont know how that made it to number one.
That tshirt you're wearing, Stephen, its a bit of a colour clash and I dont like
Needless to say, when I switched the TV on to chill out - this happened. ...

Silent Night ... Holy Night ... Thank the Lord - My mum, exhausted by talking

I had a couple of cans, watched the TV, watched Toy Story 2 for the first time which was excellent, then the Christmas Special of Doctor Who, followed by some Christmas TV Tat and bed for an early start to the morning!

All in all, a very nice Christmas - an enjoyable break, relaxing, testing at times - cant wait to get back to my place for a shower!

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