Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Has Steve Turned to the Church ?

Have you noticed that my bad language has suddenly improved over the last 24 hours - well technically on one blog entry. Its not because its heading towards Christmas, its not because I'm getting older by the day, and heading towards that 31 on a very quick road - its because one of my lovely old neighbours from Newcastle has found me on T'internet, and now going to threaten to tell my mother about this.

Myself and J go back a long time - to when I was living in Winlaton and was one of the few people to support me through uni - and we've kept in touch up until about 3 years ago, when for a number of reasons, we lost contact. By the powers of the mega duplex systematic flash bang wallop highway (aka - Google Search Engine) she decided to read up and email me once again.

Debbie, J is the reason that we drink so much white wine now! She was the first person to put me through the pain of building myself up to white wine all those years ago, although, I think it was Blue Nun or something equally dodgy from the corner shop.

J, if you read this, please remember to flush your Internet Explorer Cache and delete your history - dont want the wrath of the angry bloke


John Hartnup said...

Does the fact that you got trained to like white wine, mean that you could be trained to like red wine; so I could join in the wine drinking without looking like a ponce?

Steve Wharton said...

John, You should adopt my approach as per Friday - you and Debbie share a bottle of red, I have a bottle of white to my own. So, Friday nights, you could have your own bottle of red - be "pounce free" - and lets face it, Debbie will drink anything under her nose anyhow