Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Toe Panic

One of the things that the male nurse said to me when he put the cast on, was that if the toes start to go blue, come into the hospital to get checked out. I've never broken any bones before, so this is complete trial and error to me. I'm not going to give you the sob story about being single blah blah blah, I admit, its not easy, but I like being independant, but do miss company. Anyhoo (oh, a while since I've said that) yesterday around 4pm, my toes started to go a funny colour, part of me thought its just dust, or muck, part of me thought about them becoming bruised, but seemed strange that my toes bruise when its my ankle.

I sent Debbie a text asking if she had the time, if she could take me over to A&E - you know, just for some reassurance, and I think I'm at that point of life, where I'm getting old and sensible. Normally, I would have shrugged it off, and maybe have gone down to the pub instead - then think about getting chips. Debbie was on her way back from WeightWatchers (tm) and called me to find out what was wrong. I explained the situation and agreed that I should go over (accompanied by John), although this was putting John and Debbie's jogging night off.

Once we got to A&E, I checked in, as it were, and then we waited, and waited and waited - well for approx 45 mins (missing Hollyoaks - damn it). Once I got to see the nurse, she confirmed it was bruising, and it was OK, and just to keep my foot upright. At this point A&E was full of attractive, but broken young women, so we left and went back home. A couple of hours later, my toes had gone to a new level of black and blue - and not very pretty. I apologised to John and Debbie plenty of times for wasting their time, mainly because I didnt want the humour starting to wear thin. Anyhow, I still have all my toes, even tho they are currently fat, round, black and blue, thanks to the swelling - but better to be safe than sorry. I do like my toes, even if no one else likes them.

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