Thursday, April 20, 2006

Going back to hospital - already

Thursday morning saw a return to Warwick Hospital, this time, the fracture clinic, and the next desk away from A&E. Sadly no sign of the foxy doctor that dealt with me the night before, however, you'd really expect her to be tucked in bed after potentially a huge shift. We got there a little later than the 09:05 appointment, mainly due to the fact that it takes about 3 times as long to do anything with a cast and a set of crutches. Luckily Debbie was on vacation for half term, however, I did feel guilty that she'd basically dropped her holiday to help me out.

Once we did get there, the "everyone wants to be a comedian" continued with OAP's trying to be funny, and then a 20 minute wait. We got to speak to the specialist (Dr Aslan - no, not the Lion from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - much to Debbie's amusement) who said he wasnt happy with the Xray - something to do with breaking that bone, meant that you put pressure on another bone and that breaks too. He cut open the cast open and the foot was still swollen, mentioned a possible operation, larger cast and even longer to return to "action".

He packed me off to teh Xray department once again, this time to get a full leg Xray - this wrecked as I had to twist and turn the knee and foot so the Xray lady was happy. Back off to the specialist with new Xray in hand, he still wasnt happy, so decided to wrap my foot around in a cast again and get me back in 2 weeks time. This gives the swelling a chance to reduce and maybe a little bit of healing. He give me a cast that I could "stand" on when I go to the toilet - but I was still not to put any pressure on. I started to take the painkillers then and there, and we set off towards Starbucks next to Sainsbury's to get some brunch, with us being up so early.

With a cup of tea, sandwich and muffin inside of us, we decided to have a wander (hop) around the shop to get supplies til the weekend. I'd gone to customer services and managed to get a wheel chair - much to Debbie's amusement, and not to the sales assistant, who couldnt understand why Debbie was laughing at me. I took to the wheel chair straight away, managing to do 180's and 360's - also managing to surf around corners. This was truely the most fun I've had for a very long time, and certainly in the last 48 hours.

Debbie was very good, she put away all my shopping that we got, and harped on about the state of flat, even threatened to come around and clean it up, when her cleaner turned up at 4pm ish. I couldnt get this right in my mind ... they had a cleaner, yet she was willing to come around and clean my gaff up - just strange, not natural.

Anyhow, 4.30pm came and a knock on the door, as she started to clean my flat up, putting random items that I've collected into storage plastic boxes. wiped the work top. I was still working away, blinked and turned around, it was like the place was brand new, like the day I moved in, just with my possessions in. It was clean! To be fair, I had washed and put away loads of dishes, plates and cups, and the week before, had thrown away alot of rubbish, so I think the job was made a little easier - but still thank you.

To say thanks, I cooked the ready meals that we had bought earlier and ate together, we even worked on a plan on how I could get a bath, without a) Debbie seeing me semi/naked and b) getting my cast soaking wet. This involved me twisting and turning my body around, using the shower head to wash my hair and back.

All fun - yet clean, I hadnt wash, bath or shower since running around for 45 minutes, covered in sweat, dirt and sand - was so nice to be clean - mmm, clean

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