Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Shiney Restaurant

I joined Debbie in the gym after what has been a very very hard couple of days. These have probably been the worst set of days of my working career, and to be honest, it had nowt to do with my job, it was down to someone else not doing their job correctly. Unfortunately, its becoming more of a theme with work, people are just either on a piss take, or lazy - and its up to the "good guys" to pick it up and run with it.

Anyhow, I digress, I managed 50 lengths in the pool, and worked out that I've done exercise 8 days in the last 10 - which is pretty good going. After a relaxing jacuzzi and sauna, we headed back home with arrangements made to meet in one of the new italian restaurants in town, Prezzo, accompanied by MC and Super Gary.
Its very shiney and new, and the food is very tasty. I ended up having pizza, followed by a cheesecake. The Cheesecake turned up with chocolate on the top, however scrapped that off and gave it to Debbie and Super Gary. Thats really how broken I am.

We ended up in the Jug (not for the want of trying to go elsewhere, honestly) where we managed to grab a table after 10 minutes as it was vr busy, but chilled at the same time. After the 2nd bottle of wine, I think the exhaustion from exercise kicked in and was ready for sleep, but we managed to get a round of shorts in - myself having Morgans Rum and coke - mmm.

Tomorrow is the local derby, between Brakes and RC Warwick scummers - also promised Debbie I would go for a jog with her, and John might turn up!

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