Thursday, April 13, 2006

not so post office

I had a delivery notification lastnight that my digital camera had turned up, however because I was out at the time and at the office, its returned to te depot. The note was a little misleading, with one area ticketed to say it was going to be redelivered shortly, yet another bit saying "Parcel is at .. Coventry". In my hungover state from lastnight, I tried to call the depot to see what the score was, unfortunately, the line was constantly engaged - so had to make a decision - risk going over there and collecting it - or just wait.

My misery of the week continued to mount with inprofessional comments being made and aimed at my team and I, and when you have a hangover the state of mine, it made things twice as bad. I decided, best thing I could do, was take my lunch hour and drive over to coventry to collect it. When I got there - I had to wait about 20 minutes to get served, and when I did, the guy said it was about to be delivered this afternoon - around 13.45. So pleased that I would at least be getting it today, I nodded and left, getting back home to more work related abuse.

When it got to 5pm, I called them back, managing to get through this time, only to be told that there was a mistake, the parcel hadnt actually been loaded onto the van, and in fact, I could have picked it up then and there the first time around. As they shut at 7pm, I decided to risk it - however hitting the bank holiday traffic starting to move on the M6. 2 hours later, I was back home, with my boss's boss's boss on the phone to me, asking how the problem I'd been working on was progressing. What confused me more, was that he'd called my personal mobile, rather than my work number.

Having started work at 8am today, I was slightly less amused that I ended up finishing work at 11pm, and two x old speckled hen bottles to the good later, I entered a baby-type sleep.

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