Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nothing to play for??

With 5th place sorted out, and last game of the season, you'd think we wouldnt have anything to play for. Leam FC payed host to Loughborough Dynamo as the final game of an already impressive season by anyone's standards, what with an FA Cup first round place, a very good run in the FA Vase, a Cup final in a couple of weeks time against Barwell, doing very well in the league at the start of the season.

I'd missed the away Barwell League game on tuesday, sadly, however reading the reports, it appeared that it was a fantastic night, and gives us the lift before the cup final against the same team.

The first half against the mighty dynamo was good, we could have scored a couple and had it sorted by the half time whistle, but we had to settle with just the one, and Leam do it the hard way. The 2nd half was a slightly different story, but more or less the same tale that we saw at Westfields a couple of months ago, where we just lost the formation and lost the control and flow. There were a number of moans and groans from all areas of the ground, but this just made the opposition stronger and stronger and by the final whistle we were 3-1 down.

The goal keeper was being given a bit of abuse from the North Bank, as they do with most keepers - its all a bit of banter, sometimes it gets a bit serious, but hey, its football. At the final whistle went, the keeper cheered loudly and was given even more banter - suggesting that they had won a cup, or the league, or something, in reality, they got 3 points, nothing more, nothing less. As the ground started to empty, the Keeper came over to me, and I expected a punch or something when he opened his mouth, I was assuming he was blaming me for the banter, or picked up on something I'd said.

Refreshingly enough, he asked what I'd done to my leg, told me a story about him doin the same thing, told me to be patient and patted my back and sent me on my way. We were all a bit gobsmacked, I dont know if he was mixing me up with one of the players or was just being genuinly nice - was nice tho, much to our amusement!

The brotherhood of the North Bank came over to speak to me, to ensure he wasnt taking his frustrations out on me, which was nice too, but told them the story and they laughed, then went to grab booze, where as we left to go back home, to find out that Pompey had stayed up, thanks to some fine silky football from NUFC.

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