Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pride of Warwickshire

The last thing you need in the morning, when you've had a skinful the night before and not really slept, is a text from your nice neighbours asking if you're up for a saturday morning jog. I could have easily just got up, made a bacon sandwich, a cup of tea and watched Saturday Superstore (or whatever they call it these days) in my boxers. However, in the magical world of Warburton, and being sensible, a jog came out on top - so 5 minutes later, trainers or and the cold wind blowing into my eyes, we set along the canal, getting even further than we did the other day.

30 odd minutes later, we got back, a little tired, made a bacon sandwich, a cuppa and sat in my boxers watching some other saturday show for youngsters.

After a shower and clean up, we met in the street, ready to depart to the Leamington v RC warwick derby. We got up there pretty early and 5 minutes later, we were told already 200 people had come through the gates. The wind was strong, blowing the ball around and we knew it was going to cause both teams a problem - and then bang! 2 minutes into the game, the scummers managed to score. We held strong and got the better of the posession, however as is the case in most derbies, it was a scrappy affair. Both teams only had a league position to play for, nothing more, nothing less, and of course the bragging rights til the start of next season. By the half time, we managed to crawl it back to 2-1 and more or less faced a battering in the second half - but we defended well.

I had an interesting chinwag with someone at the ground, and dont wish to say anything as yet, but its something I've always wanted to do. Got a chat with management next week to discuss the possibilities and then learn a little bit more about it - not being cryptic, just dont want to be disappointed.

We got back and it started to sleet/slush it down - lovely. Welcome to spring!

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