Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bye Bye Mr Shearer

I was talking to my old school mate, Philippa, yesterday via Text. She's a radiologist up in Newcastle, and often sees the NUFC squad down her corridors. Pippa was the person who managed to get me tickets to Shearer's testimonial, so thought it was only fair to text her and let her know as much as I could about my injury.

When I got the text message she mentioned that Mr Shearer was in the hospital awaiting a scan from one of her colleagues - however, from Pippa's description, "He looks fucked". Needless to say, the papers were covered with stories about Shearer retiring.

Legend - pure and simple.

When I eventually woke up today, there was a statement on the unofficial NUFC webpage saying that the great man has officially retired from playing professional football. By all accounts, the interviews that I've seen today, he's trying to get fit for some kind of appearance in the testimontial next month. Good luck to the chap, he's been a complete legend for Newcastle, England and the Premiership. Just a shame he was unable to finish the last 3 remaining games of the season. Sir Alan, I take my cap off to you!

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