Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday, pah! Bad Friday more like

I woke up at 10am today, expecting to get this work done and dusted, then enjoy the rest of the day. That didnt happen, in fact, around 17.00 I gave up and stopped working. What miffed me more was that it was a fantastic day outside, and probably the warmest we've had this year so far. Enough was enough when it got to 2pm and I hadnt had anything to eat all day- so popped around to the shop to buy some grub and get some fresh air, and it was real spring.

Being unable to get out and about to test my new Sony T9 camera out properly - I took Steve's Stereotypical Canal Photos to see what they looked like. As you can see below - nice and clear.

One thing that I dont really like about the new cam is the fact it doesnt really have a proper old fashioned view finder, you know, you look and point, just the bit window you can see on the back of the camera to aim and point. Call me old fashioned, I like that, I like to know what I'm taking photos off. On the plus side, its really light, and compact - probably even more that Rich's newish digi cam he got a while back. I'm not really impressed with digi cam providers in a whole, based on the fact that you buy a cam, you expect enough to go away and take photos - yet the T9 comes with an onboard memory cell, plus the ability to put Sony Memory Stick Duo's in. Now, I thought I was being pretty smart as the PSP came with one by default a 32Mb card, however, I now know that allows 6 photos to be stored!

I just dont understand why they cant package a camera with everything you need - a decent size card, a case so your fantastic new light camera with a massive viewing screen, doesnt get scratched.

I promised my sister my old camera, as a fav, so need to take that up to newcastle the next time I go up - which will probably end up being the shearer testimonial!

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