Wednesday, April 19, 2006

If its good enough for Shearer, its good enough for me - Hero Worshipping

Before anyone else decided to blog this and post the photo up, I thought I'd get in first. Right now, I'm in alot of pain, and it all happened at 19:45 on the football pitch when I went for the ball, with someone chasing after it too. I slipped, skidded, slipped again, heard three tears/cracks and yelped. I'm not a fraid to admit it, I yelped, and I wasnt scared because I'd broken anything, but because of the noise it made.

After speaking to the first aid at the sports centre, he suggested going over to Warwick A&E to get it checked out - within 5 minutes, it had gone from moveable to unmoveable and very painful. Captain Johno at that point had turned up for a game of football and a big beam on his face, only for it to turn to a concerned look. One of the lads, Bill, took me over to A&E in his flash (but very low down) BMW convertable, Johno had roped one of the students to drive my car back to my place and drop the keys off.

Meanwhile in A&E, I was a little worried at the "The Queuing time is approx 2.5 hours" - however got seen by, I guess you call them male nurses. He took more details and said the doctor would be there in a couple of minutes. He was right, and she was stunning, we talked, she prodded, I blushed, I grimaced, then after 10 minutes consulation I got, "Oh, you have got funny feet havent you". After smiling more, she packed me off to the XRay department, where I had a nice chat with the XRay man - now called X Ray, not because his name was Ray, but because it made me laugh when I was in agony. He give me a plastic folder with the Xrays, after updating me on the Arsenal score, and told me to go sit "somewhere". I bumped into the lovely Doctor, who by this time I had taken a real shine too, and she said she's sort me out in a tick.

When she got back, she looked at the plastic folder and said "its got a red dot on it" - when I asked if that was bad, she said I was going to need a cast. Within seconds of her saying that, all I could think was, 6aside compo = fucked, shearer testimonial = fucked, dancing in Mirage = fucked. She said that a nurse would come sort my cast out and waved goodbye, then Debbie, followed by Johno turned up and waved and laughed. At that point the male nurse said he was ready for the cast, brought a very bad looking wheel chair (see below) much to Debbie and Johno's amusement. Johno shouting in the background, "never let Shaun drive your car again, I dont think he had a driving licence".

"Help me lady doctor, please - pitty me"

Obviously, put someone in a situation, and this day and age, people will take photos on camera's, mobile phones, and this was no change. After reminding those two that phones and cameras are not permitted in the hospital, the male nurse just laughed and told them to get on with it. Typical, only under Blair's NHS!

Anyhow, add 20 minutes and a cast later, I was hobbling around like Mr Hoppy the Hopmaster in Hopland and heading towards home (Johno leaving and Debbie giving me a lift home) - only to wave nicely at the lovely Doctor - medicine woman - purr! Got set up at home, text'd my mother, Pippa, and the oh so lovely Jess, took a couple of painkillers, didnt make it down the pub and wrote this. Thanks to one and all to helping me out.

Only got to get up at such an early time to go back tomorrow, and get it seen to by the specialist - I currently cant shower, and after 45 minutes of running around and football, going to make an interesting day, thats for sure.

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