Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oh Whoops!

OK, I told a pork pie! Things can get worse, you could wake up, hungover, by a text message from your neighbour asking if you want to go for a jog. Same as yesterday morning, you think? Well kinda, only to find my credit card on my keyboard and a bemused look on my face, and my desk covered in Tiger beer bottles. Part of me trying to get ready for this jog, part of me trying to work out what I've ordered, so switched the PC on, connected to T'interweb and read my new mail.

Turns out, I ordered the digi camera that I've been after for a couple of weeks, managing to get a decent price on it - 100 quid less than what the Sony shop were offering when I popped in. However, there was another email there....

Thanks very much for your email, the Prime Ministers Office will read the email
and get a reply to you, and if of interest, will be placed on the PM's monthly
discussion list

Turns out, I got fed up of the chav element around town and the increase of yobs taking over the streets, that I emailed the PM - nice, not something you really expect in the morning.

To make myself feel a bit better after the jog, I popped into town to do a bit of clothes shopping, getting a nice new tie and shirt for work, and a hooded top (ironic) and some bright white underwear - mm.

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