Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hotdog, Jumping Frog, Alvechurch-y

With being either in my flat, or hospital, I was desperate to get out and get some fresh air, regardless of where it was. Thursday nights tend to be football free, however Leam FC had to play a previously posponed game up at Alvechurch, approx 35 minutes drive away from home. It sounded like a great idea, a football game, not to far, so if it did rain, or I was exhausted, we could come back with pretty much ease. We invited MC along to her first Leam FC game, and sure enough, the roads were clear enough, we got there 5 minutes later than expected - with the game already up and running, 1-1 was the score (I thought it was 0-0).

Captain Simesy was there on Wedneday night the accident happened, so came over and spoke to me - it did look like it was going to rain, so when I mentioned I needed to keep the cast dry, he invited me up to stand / sit with the "North Banker's". These were a group of friendly chaps, who stand behind the goals at the home games, and start alot of the singing - and personally speaking, the heart and soul behind the fan base. They'd already started with one song, "ONE leg, He's only got one leg, he's only got one leg, ONE LEG!" and "He's got a leg that can be used as a goal post".

When I went to join them up some old stone steps, every time I jumped with one leg, they "BOING'D" like Zebedee from the magic roundabout. All very amusing and in good taste, and I continued to watch the game from a fantastic position at the back of the stands, talking to the guy who does the filming for the Brake's (no pun intended) Videos.

We cheered the players on and ended up coming away with a vital 3 points, moving us nicely for a 5th position finish in the league. We made our way back to the car, however forgetting it was on a gentle bank, but on crutches, felt like a mountain - but made it. Once we got back, my shoulders, chest and arms were red raw with blood rushing around my body. However this meant that I would get a good night sleep, certainly after all this adventure over the last couple of days.

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