Friday, April 28, 2006

Broken Happy Friday

John picked a project up, which consisted of recording using the medium of photography, the indepth passage of a curry. So to help him along his way, myself, Debbie, John, MC and Super Gary ended up in a curry house, not far from where we live. This was quite an achievement, mainly because it was the first Friday that I've been out since I knackered my knee up, although I went out with Rich the other night, this is the first time I've sat down with a meal, and stayed out all night - all quite exhausting.

After the evidence of the starter, drinks and main meal, the curry house ended up geting packed out with emo kids (not chavs like Super Gary thought). Now Emo's (not the birds thats emu) to me, its a bit of a poor man's goth, you know, you do the dressing up, but you really dont make the effort to apply the makeup. I suppose the only real difference is the colour of the clothes, ie, there is some colour and its not just black.

Anyhow, Super Gary got a bit scared of the crowd, so we convinced he and MC to come to the Jug for "one" beverage, while I went looking for some attention from some fit lasses. We managed to get a small table next to the window, so was nice, esp with the light nights, but I was really hoping that the beer garden was going to be open - a little optimistic I reckon. This is also the first time I've worn jeans in about 10 days, so I was a little confused, luckily a pair of my jeans had been ripping slightly at the bottom of the leg, so rather than cutting a new / old pair, I was able to wedge the material around different angles.

Yes, I did fancy a bit of attention, and was egged on to go find it, however, what I wasnt expecting was the Jug's landlord coming over asking questions, with his fantastic tash. A nice bloke, but just not what I was looking for in terms of attention seeking. Anyhoo, MC and Super Gary didnt want to drink too much as they were going for a jog in the morning, however, 3 bottles of wine later, MC entered her usual point of the night, where she's either vr quiet, or vr loud, her head dances a little then ends on Gary's shoulder before her eyes glaze over.

I was worried about getting back, esp after a bottle of wine and a pint inside me - however, with the medium of alcomohol, we were able to get back in about 15 minutes. I was feeling a little drunk, so decided to watch a bit of TV, and managed to get a good 45 minutes of the London Carling Festival, which was fantastic - although did eventually need sleep before I entered my coma on the sofa.

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