Sunday, April 23, 2006

oh hollyoaks - you know, those people from the tele.

The long awaited Leam Youth Squad v Mersey TV (including people from hollyoaks) was kicked off today. It was a charity event in the aid of the MacMillan fun, on behalf of the Major Of Leamington, and it was expected to be the biggest crowd of the season, on top of Leam v Warwick and the FA cup qualifier - way back when.

Once again, Debbie drove myself and John up and we got there just a lil before kick off. The place was occupied mainly by the younger range of females, and some regulars like us trying to cheer on the town's football club.

The first half ended goaless and we ended up popping into the club house for a sly beer and a chinwag with the lovely Liz and the not so lovely Vince (well, he's a bloke). We had Brake Fluid - and this being the first drink for a week, went straight to the head - mainly because of the painkillers. The second half kicked off, and John and Debbie left me chinwagging with one of the chaps from work, explained how the ankle had buggered up, then joined John and Debbie at the Harbury Lane end.

This went to Pens (Leam going 1-0 up, then the "stars" being given a penalty which was very suspect - esp when the guy was going in the opposite direction. The stars ended up winning 5-4 on pens, or something - but anyhow, I ended up taking some photos.

I thought the lads done very well, based on the fact that they were playing older guys and them being TV stars. Some of the stars were swearing and we reminded them that there were young impressionable people around - like me :o)

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