Monday, January 31, 2005

T-1 day

My sister was unfortunately working on my birthday, so it was arranged that we would go out on the Monday night for a family bash, to allow me to drive back down south to have drinks on the tuesday with friends. So it was arranged, 7pm in the Skiff Inn - my dad, mum, sister (Gillian) and her husband (Phil) - and of course, myself would be in attendance. So we all caught up, chinwagged, discussed the finer items such as the Bellamy/Souness saga - until my mother (always grand with footballing quotes - "Newcastle v Sunderland - just another game") turns around and describes the mackems manager as "a nice looking bloke" which kind of had my heart beating in all the wrong times.
Anyhoo, nice steak, nice food - chilled night out - just what I wanted really.
Ended up back at my mums where I then drank a bottle of white wine - mmmm - wine coma.

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