Saturday, January 29, 2005

Tale of two cities ( well, one, technically)

After a great entertaining night of Chesterfield v Bristol in the tinpot cocacola league, it was time for me to hit the road and see the folks and family. I havent spent my birthday up in the good North East of England for a long while now, so seemed fitting for my 30th to go up and just do that. I was supposed to be picking up the hire car (yes, my insurance has not yet been sorted) at 8.30 and making an early start - however due to vast amounts of Stella - this was rescheduled to around 11am. Newcastle played Cov in the FA Cup 4th round and it was 20 quid to get into the gaff, so decided it would be a great way to see the team and save some cash. Needless to say, a 3pm kick off meant that I had to yank it up the motorway.
After a flyby Hi/bye conversation to my mother (by this time she was already calling me Stephen) I managed to get a bus down to St James and purchase a ticket - for the said price of 20 quid. Missing 2 mins of the game, I managed to get to my seat to sit through amusing abuse of the fans ripping into Souness (after the Souness v Bellamy saga). "Souness, you couldnt manage a f**king shop, nevermind a football team, now just f**k off you scottish t**t" was just one of the comments. After a commanding 3-1 win, it was off to Newcastle to purchase some grub and stroll back to my mums for wine, beer and chinese food - mmm.

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