Monday, January 03, 2005

60 mins run

Well, what would you expect to do in the early hours of the first bank holiday of 2005 - sleep ? ooh, I would so like to be in your shoes. I always promised to not use this weblog as a form of anger and frustration, but - my friends - this has to end this morning. At 01:55 I got a text message from Jess asking if I was still up and another at 01:58 asking if I was there. So, "being the nicest guy" I decided to jog up towards the pub and beyond - only to recieve a text message around about 2 mile away to say that Jess wasnt at home and I should forget about her. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC - NO REALLY!!!!! You see, you could have sent that AND saved the cost of two text messages AND saved my sleep & my energy!!!! I know this sounds really onesided, but I have put my neck on the line in front of my friends. They have said to just leave it and let it go, but my inner body said no, and myself and Rich have had this before to make him understand how I feel. Needless to say, I feel an even bigger fool that I should, and probably an older fool with a number of opportunities I've put to the side because of her.

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