Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Trains, Planes and Automobiles (and hooters) Part II

I wanted to do something American and Spoty while I was in NY - seems a shame not to really - so after getting a tip off the night before that the NY Knicks were playing Tuesday Night at MSG. I thought that this was a class idea, as it killed two birds with one stone, sports and one of the tourist places all in an evening. So after $119 per ticket, we ordered two for the night, BC was also interested, but didnt really get him two for him and his wife - and not that be interested.
After the purchase, myself and the captain left to get some breakfast and walked around, well so much walking we managed to cover about 5 mile and a bulk of midtown and downtime all in one day. We walked from our base (57th on 7th) down to time square, past Macy's and MSG, into the Empire State (as the queues were down and visibility was good), down to the World Trade Centre Site to pay respects and right down to the tip of the island and got a subway pass and train backup to 57th street. During the day it had been snowing, which was great, but we were getting a little wet, so we returned to the hotel, to put on harder shoes (instead of the thinnest shoes in the world which is what I was wearing) and returned to our site seeing tour. We wandered over to the RockerFella Centre to check out the ice skating and also to see where the Pokemon World Headquaters were - the latter being a little more difficult to find, but we managed it and was a laugh - although, again, tacky. We then found the largest TGI fridays in American, and I honestly think the Captain was impressed when his rack of ribs turned up - being bigger than the plate, although he did have a very very good stab at it.
Once we returned to the hotel, we then set off for MSG - and basketball. Now here are some people who can put a show on, and in typical american style, everything has to be 10 times as bigger, 10 times louder and 10 times longer. This must be the only country in the world that can make a game of 4 x 12 mins last 3 hours - no really. Good fun tho, esp when the home team starts to loose, the fans (3 more importantly) started to get on the team's back. Stereotypical american comments like - "You Suck", "You're a Jackass" started to stream from these people's mouths, only to be improved when me and the Captain started shouting, "You're a Mess and a Shambles". My fav comment has to be "Sack Lenny, You Suck Man"
To which, we returned to Hooters for a couple of swift ones.

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