Thursday, January 13, 2005

Trains, Planes and Automobiles (and hooters) Part IIII

Thursday was my last full day in NYC, so was determined to use it to my full advantage, sadly, it didnt work out that way. Managed to get down to the bottom of the island again and attempted the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty. After spending 60 mins in either the queue for the tickets, or a queue in security - once again getting bags checked and scanned and man handled - the temperature was dropping. Then yay - we were allowed on the Ferry and started to head towards Libery Island, now - impressive from a far, but you get up to the statue - and its not really that big. In fact, I have to ask the question, in Ghostbusters II - how the hell did this statue get over to the main island ? Unless it had somekind of statue armbands - it's feet wouldnt actually be able to walk on the bottom of the river. Anyhoo, after a hotdog and tea - things were starting to warm up a little - we returned to the Ferry and bombed out the Ellis Island stop, mainly because it was a 3 hour visit of the museum.

We bombed around on the underground for a while - nearly being caught out my some local dodgy looking characters at a possible dead end if you didnt have a metro card to get into the subway. Was a little strange, myself and the captain walking down some stairs when dodgy looking character #1 looks and nods and dodgy looking character #2 - as to say, if they dont have cards, we'll get them on the way out. Needless to say, with speed being of the essence - we scanned through and hopped on the next train up to Time Square. From there we split up, the Captain went off to look for the I NY for friends, where as I went over to the shopping area on Lexington Avenue to have a look at the clothes shops etc. On my return, sad tho it is, I found the IBM building - I wasnt looking - honest.
We returned to P.J. Carney's for a night of food, beer and looking at the lovely barmaids - returning to the hotel when we could barely speak.

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