Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Beer!

John and Debbie were very kind enough to hold a new years eve party at their gaff, so obviously it was great for me, as I only had to roll out of the door, and into bed, while others arranged taxi's and walked to eons. Rather than just a bulk standard houseparty, John and Debbie insisted on fancy dress - all themed around kids TV/film/book characters. I decided to go as Mr Benn as I've always fancied wearing a bowler hat. Anyhoo, armed with 54 cans of lager, my special potatoes and my bowler hat, I struggled to walk that massive distance of 35 paces. Needless to say, even tho I was "late" I was still the first one to arrive - so started on the Chang beer - mmm. After a couple more beers and more people turning up, it just got strange - here was Mr Benn, talking to the rather lovely Mini Mouse (ok, albeit Mr Benn was blushing alot and very shy), Shrek and Dogtanion. Later on, Mr Benn also got talking to Fred Flintstone and other random stuff. Beer started to flow (far too much for some) and everyone had a merry time, playing that dreaded game singstar. Someone had a blonde wig - and suggested I tried it on - I dont know why, coz I'm Blond to start with - crazy. John thought I looked like Boris Johnson as per the below. I think they are crazy to suggest such a thing!

Arrogant Tory Wanker (pictured centre)

Anyhoo, we saw in the new year, shook hands, got kisses on the cheek by the lovely ladies and continued drinking beer. Getting voicemails and text messages is great - just not at the sametime - I'm a simple person, I can only do one thing at a time - and thats drink beer. Anyhow, a great night had by all, and a massive thanks again to John and Debbie for putting up with drunken louts trashing their place. John has put his photos up - and available here.

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