Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hello Hello - we're in a place called Leamington Spa ?

Coming up to my 30th in a couple of weeks, I decided it was probably best I get "jiggy with it" - and I dont mean in some kind of freaky Will Smith style song. Music wise, I've tried to keep up with the youth of today, but technology wise, I'm approx about 4 years behind with my minidisk player. With the force of the iPOD, I was always wanting to be someone different, however after years of putting up with "disk" I final Succumb to the ways of Harold and purchased a funky 40Gb Photo ipod. I'm currently through about 80% of my albums and have filled about 4Gb of the total. Fantastic!! Not only can you listen to hours of music (technically 12 hours with the battery) but you can plug this into your TV and play a slide show of your photos.
Anyhoo, I predict that in the next couple of years, you will be able to buy music on the Internet .... WOW

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