Sunday, January 23, 2005

Baby Blue

Captain Rich invited me out lastnight... Turns out that JT's wife had given birth to Teddy T - so in true tradition northern style, JT had decided to invite people out to wet the baby's head. Meeting Rich (who was supposed to be early, and turned up late) at the Lock Dock and Barrel across the road from me, with Sir Blunt, John O and the lovely Helen for a couple of pints before linking up with the remainder of the group. The lovely Nomes turned up midway and kindly purchased me another pint of beer - great - and we made way to the Lounge for Baby related conversations. This is all great, however some of the tales that JT told us, quite frankly put me off having kids, although he asked (due to me reaching 30) when I would be having kids. So I had to put him right that I did need some consenting adult to a) have sex with me and allow me to father a child - not an easy task I can tell you.
The Lounge was busy and bumped into one of our football chums and chinwagged - as people disbanded else where. Myself, Captain Rich and Sailor boy Blunty - and tag along Stuey ended up in the Well (for me, the first time for nearly a month) - for more beverage and Student piss take. Stuey got the last train, leaving it three, until the captain announced he was getting an early night (well, at 01:00 anyhow) - leaving me and Ship Ahoy Blunty to drink the good old ship Robbins Well as dry as possible. I dont really remember getting back home, but I do know that there is a bag of chips with battered sausage in the bin, so can only assume a) My Kitchen is magic and grows chip butty with battered sausages once a year or b) I went to the chip shop.
Anyhooooooo, I woke up approx 2pm on a Saturday and done very little apart from mooch and plant some Daffs. Welcome to my world!

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