Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Trains, Planes and Automobiles (and hooters) Part III

Wednesday was a little more quieter - and was used as a shopping day. I promised the lovely Philippa a bag from the states that she was harping on about for months for her 30th birthday present. So, after the text;
"A small girly holdy bag, got 'little brown bag' written all over em Probably millions to choose from, in macy's I think :) Very touristy, take care hun XX"
you would expect - simple, Macy's, bag section, purchase, get out. No - not at all, after asking a couple of assistants where the hell they were to buy I get - "well sir (in a most annoying accent - and not in a liverpool accent either), you need to go to bloomingdales". Now Macy's is around time square / MSG area - Bloody Bloomingdales is further up north even more north than where our hotel was, and further east - 59th and something - fantastic.

On the plus side, captain happy got a ipod case, as we wandered around midtown. On top of that, he bought enough books to stock a waterstones in his garden shed. Once purchasing the formentioned bag, we returned to 57th street and found a small Irish bar that was showing the football, so $10 lighter after the entry fee we tucked into some beer and watching the Carling Cup Semi final between Man U and Chelsea.
After the 4th pint we then return to the hotel to get changed and freshen up and then bumped into BC in reception. I'd mentioned to people in Washington about Hooters ( apparently there was one around the corner from us there too) and it being a vegeterian outfit, stocking all kind of healthy food - just to drum up some interest. Of course, we bump into Helen, Barry, Brian and BC's wife and it was mentioned there - of how they fancied some healthy food and could they attend Hooters for a drink and some food. I had to sadly put them straight on the whole Hooters story, and strangely enough they were still up for it, so sure enough, a couple of pints later, they'd been scared off by some pot bellied american waitress wearing a tight tshirt and shorts that didnt help her figure. In fact, it was enough to scare myself and the Captain, to which I noticed a small bar a couple of days earlier and suggested we went there. The place is about as large as your living room and kitchen stitched together, but has a lovely atmosphere, and even better - stocked Stella for the captain.
The place was so nice, even the American/Irish barmaid decided to take the piss out of (mostly me) us by at one point refusing to serve me, then doing so - strange. Anyhoo, if you're in NYC - I would recommend P.J.Carney's - serves lovely food too - fantastic. We stayed there til gone midnight and to the point where we could barely talk.

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