Wednesday, January 05, 2005

half way around the world in 23 hours

Well, I've arrived in Washington (well technically just outside) after an exhausting day and night most of it due to my own stupidity. I went out and had a couple of beers with Boots while watching the Newcastle v West Brom game - and strangely enough arrived back at my place, but found hoegaarden in the fridge - so drank that - well all of it. So getting into bed around 1.30 after chinwagging with fellow MSN'ers it was just lovely when the alarm goes off at 4.45 - no really. Anyhoo, I got picked up by Mr Chester around 6am and we drove pretty quickly down to Heathrow, checked in via express checkin - which was nice, and tucked into some nice breakfast. We got on the plane to be told that a) the flight was going to take a little longer due to winds, and b) we werent gonna take off for a while due to some passangers checking in.
So we get on with it, have lunch, free beer, listened to some music - chatted to the nice young blonde sat next to me, had a bit of chin wag while she heated up, cooled down, heated up again - so Dr Wharton ends up getting a nice cup of tea for her - see - NICE!.
We eventually get to the airport to be faced with a huge queue at customs, due to new regulations - having both index fingers scanned and digital photos taken. Great, then hire cars, which took a little longer than expected, then to the hotel, where checkin took even longer than expected. I decided to freshen up, have a shower and meet the rest in the bar - where I get ID'd - class isnt it - 30 and still getting ID'd - must be that cream I use ;o) We grab some food, have a couple of swift ones and I decided to call it a night, well, decide to work for 2 more hours. So by the time my brain stopped functioning, it was 23 hours and I couldnt take it anymore. Needless to say, a firealarm going off at 5.50am is just what you want - no really. Turns out to be a false alarm and was only someone testing it.
We had to be ready in reception for 8.45 as we were visiting where we are supposed to be working, so american breakfast me up. We do the tour, get kitted out with security badges etc and got kicked out - so plans were made for the rest of the day - shopping or Georgetown - needless to say I joined 9 other travellers to "the largest mall in the area" - yeah ... great, I was impressed *. Although I did have a toasted subway sandwich - nice idea - simple but effective.
We're out tonight to a steak house (mmm steak) although myself and Mr Chester have to be up at 4.00 to start on this Test - fantastic - loads of beer for us tonight then.

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