Sunday, January 30, 2005

Northern friends, northern beer and northern music

I spent Sunday night with old school mate - EEN - as we dont really get that much chance to catch up with each other that much. He kindly offered me to stay over night so we could have a right old beer session. This was quite good as it meant I got to catch up a little with his wife, Sarah, and their little kid, Jess. After one can of Fosters and 60 mins of dirty looks from little Jess, we decided to escape to EEN's local boozer (the Mill something) which was about a mile walk away from his gaff. So we sat down, discussed past, present and future topics and the beer did a flow, then up pops a band. Now, as you may or may not know, I'm used to Open Mic music down the Well on a Sunday, but this was quite different - Cheerful for a start and not having to watch Paul R looking for any excuse to slide his hand in some birds pants. Refreshing really! Anyhoo, the band starts to play traditional northern music which got the feet a tapping, and some old songs starting to creep into the back of your head. All n' all, a good night out, and a couple of subjects crept up and discussed and put back to bed - probably for the best for all concerned.
Back to EENs after "last orders" for half pizza, 342385 turkey nuggets and more drunken rubbish, until I fell asleep in their spare room which was so hot, it was something like out of Tenko. I half expected some oriental fellow to storm the room at 05:43 and shove bamboo under my nails.
After waking up and feeling like someone was kicking my head all night (probably little Jess), a nice cup of tea, I dropped Een off at work and received a nice present from him and Sarah - then back to my mothers for a day of shopping.

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