Monday, January 03, 2005

Single ? Get a bowler hat !

Yes, strange tho it may seem (and probably doesnt make any sense due to drinking heavily since none o'clock) bowler hats attract women. As you may or not know ... I dressed up as Mr Benn for new years eve, and decided to carry this off to the quiz (where we came joint 2nd with 3 plays - oooh weee oooow). So, decided to carry the theme, minus the tie, suit, shirt and sadly the sexy boxer shorts, no one saw by wearing & the bowler hat to the quiz. Needless to say, with me, the general knowledge monkey and the sports monkey, we thought we did OK - until the final results came out and we came joint second- which, I think is pretty good going.
Anyhoo, back to the story, countless girls (well 3) started talking to me, asking where I got the hat from etc etc, then pleasent convo's appears. Anyhow those knowing me really well, know that I aint a tap up merchant, regardless what Rich reckons - but was nice. The lovely Jess, was there, but starting to understand her slowly - however sadly, seeing her going off Captain Wharton's Radar for good (good luck Jess - baring in mind she knows how I feel).
Regardless what Rich, Cherry (mmm) or whoever think - this was a massive step, and to counter-act the fancy dress theme, the quiz - I will end up with a number of random head-dresses over the yeah. One of the real nice things someone has ever said was from the general knowledge monkey saying "you are THE nicest person I have ever met" - which may not seem alot, but means alot.

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