Tuesday, February 01, 2005

30 Today!

A strange but cold day, of which I was suffering from a massive hangover (from the white wine coma the night previous) so took my time to get out of bed - although I could quite easily have fallen back to sleep, the number of text messages wishing me a happy birthday prevented that. So after a shower, shave and dressed, I started packing my gear to drive back to Leamington - only to be interupted by my mother who had been to the local bakers and purchased enough bread to last a small war.
After getting back to Leam, I contacted Heir Headworth and Princess Nomes to arrange a time and place to slowly get drunk and snack on. Of course, being the night of the Arsenal v Man U - nowhere was going to be quiet - so we settled for a seat in the hogs head (now the old butchers) where hoegaarden on empty stomach was on the menu. Chinwag, relaxed talk and the Captain Palin turns up to make it four. More hoegaarden and some food happened and myself and Rich moved towards the Well for more beer - but at this point I was hardly able to talk - leaving Rich to get served at the bar and I held onto the wall.
Thankfully, we were able to stay afterhours for more beers - which is just what you want to do - so to conclude, day 1 of being 30 - boozed up, unable to walk and talk - life starts here!

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